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Imagine going to a shopping centre and not having to pay for parking or standing in queues at the pay machine. Imagine earning fuel rewards of 30 cents per litre when you fill up at selected filling stations. Or having the convenience of a free rental car for the day when you take your car in for a service. You can get all of this if you are a Nissan Intelligent Choice, certified pre-owned customer. And this is exactly why we are the Obvious Choice when buying a used car.


Parking Assist benefit provides a ticket-less, cashless, VIP Parking experience at selected malls across South Africa.

As a Nissan Intelligent Choice customer, you won’t need to experience the inconvenience of standing in a queue to pay for a parking ticket or look for a lost Parking ticket. Mall entry and exit will become seamless. This product will not only cover the vehicle for free parking at selected malls, it will also benefit the customer by saving them time and money. This was specifically designed for the NIC customer who wants a hassle free, simple, cashless, convenient and smart parking experience when visiting the mall.



With the price of petrol fluctuating frequently, it's safe to say South Africans are trying to save wherever possible. Nissan Intelligent Choice offers Fuel rewards that are managed by means of a loyalty card swiped by the driver at time of filling up at any Sasol petrol station nationwide.


  • R 0.30 per litre reward
  • Reward applicable to all grades of petrol and diesel products
  • Quick, easy and straight forward process
  • Immediate gratification - No waiting for points to accumulate or tiers to achieve
  • No minimum spend required
  • Track and manage your benefits online
  • Saves you money

Present your NIC Lifestyle rewards card to the Sasol service attendant to swipe at any of the participating Sasol Service Stations. After you have made your fuel purchase, customers will earn 1 point for every 1 litre of fuel purchased at participating Sasol Service Stations.

  • MY SERVICE DAY (Courtesy Car)

Providing continued mobility when an NIC certified pre-owned car has been booked in for a scheduled service or repairs at a Nissan dealership. My Service Day provides an ideal service to the Nissan Intelligent Choice Program where a customer is provided a Class A or B courtesy vehicle for 12 hours and 200 km limit per incident, with 1 annual entitlement.

Free drop-off and Collection to customer’s chosen dealership within 25 KM of where the customer’s car is booked in for service. On-line access to a self-service car hire reservation facility; available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


  • Assurance of continued mobility
  • Convenience and peace-of-mind
  • Safe, reliable service
  • Availability of a courtesy car on weekdays, 6AM to 6PM

 “The Customer will have the freedom of movement to continue with their day uninterrupted”

Nissan Intelligent Choice

The Obvious Choice For Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles